Update: New Electronic Pop – An Independent Music Playlist on Spotify

Our Electronic Pop Playlist on Spotify, representing the more immediate, accessible and sensitive sides of independent electronic music gets its first update of 2020. It currently begins with two great new tunes from Canadian artists Allie X and Jessy Lanza, with the former being joined by Mitski. The collaboration from UK pair Matt Warwick and James Greenwood […]

Update: New Techno – An Independent Music Playlist on Spotify

Two great release weeks in terms of volume and quality to streaming services have reshaped our 30 track New Techno playlist no end in the last two days. It currently features geographical swathe of new music from Europe, east and west and the Americas North and South — as well as the UK (had to […]

Laurence Guy’s New Sample Rich Three Tracker

Watch the animated video for UK House producer Lawrence Guy’s  delightful ‘Untitled Needs’, the lead track from the expressive The Sun Is Warm & Directly Above You, his new sample rich EP for Shall Not Fade. A warm piano melody is underpinned by a spritely rhythm, the presence throughout of old school hiss and an […]

Video: Spine Tingling Opener From New Lanterns On The Lake LP

Today sees Newcastle Upon Tyne quintet Lanterns on The Lake deliver Spook The Herd, their carefully constructed fourth album, an artistic response to the divisive turbulence surrounding them and English society in general. Last week they shared the cinematic drama of its lush and intense opener ‘When It All Comes True’ complete with video taken […]

The Critical Grooves of Catholic Action

Glasgow art pop/rock outfit Catholic Action have shared the angular and eminently danceable ‘Another Name For Loneliness’, the third single from their upcoming second album Celebrated By Strangers, slated for release late March. It joins the two excellent singles, ‘One of Us’ and ‘People Don’t Protest Enough’ released in October and November last year. All three […]

Be Reeled In By Matt Karmil’s Slow Draw Techno Cut “PB”, New Album STS371 Set For Late March

English producer Matt Karmil has shared the superbly cerebral left field techno cut ‘PB’, which will feature on his forthcoming LP STS371. An acid melody gets subtly pulled from pillar to post all the while soaked in a fascinatingly dense atmosphere of dramatic ambient hiss. Equally at home pushing boundaries in either House and Techno […]

Best of 2019 Series: Shoegaze (001-100) – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

Today we share the best 100 Shoegaze tracks out of the hundreds we featured in 2019 in our New Music Playlist on Spotify that also features Post Punk Darkwave/Coldwave & Post Rock. Having shared those best of lists last week, Shoegaze is the last to surface. As the playlist demonstrates the niche genre continues to […]

Record Review: Beatrice Dillon (ENG) – Workaround (PAN)

They say that time flies when your having fun. Well, how fast can 41 minutes go? Give the amazingly satisfying Workaround, the new album by London experimental electronic artist and producer Beatrice Dillon a spin and find out. Thrilling in its depth of ideas and its unique interpretive take on a multitude of genres and […]

Flyying Colours Release “Big Mess”

After releasing the sun-kissed nostalgia of ‘Goodtimes’ late last November, their first piece of recorded music since their debut album in 2016, Melbourne shoegaze quartet Flyying Colours have have wasted no time getting out of the blocks in 2020 with the release of another single. Showcasing their diverse intent, ‘Big Mess’, with its measured male/female […]

Christine And The Queens Returns With Powerful New Single

This week saw Nantes born & Paris based pop artist Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier aka Christine & The Queens gift us her powerfully intimate new single  ‘People, I’ve Been Sad’. It’s a poignant and purposeful work of dramatic synth pop built on a slow hard hitting beat and a commanding bass line that wraps proceedings in […]

Best of 2019 Series: Darkwave / Coldwave (01-50) – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

We’re working through the genres in our Tracks of 2019 Series: Post Punk Darkwave Coldwave Shoegaze Post Rock Playlist on Spotify to bring you best each genre had to offer last year. Having featured the best 50 and 60 tracks from among our Post Rock and Post Punk inclusions on Tuesday and Thursday respectively, the […]

Best of 2019 Series: Post Punk (01-60) – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

2019 was an outstanding year for music in all the genres that make up our Post Punk Darkwave Coldwave Shoegaze Post Rock Playlist. Having featured the best 50 tracks from among our Post Rock inclusions on Tuesday, today is Post Punk’s turn. The diversity of styles on offer is quintessentially Post Punk, a much loved […]

Best of 2019 Series: Post Rock (01-50) – An Indie30 Playlist on Spotify

It is Post Rock’s turn to take the spotlight today in our Best of 2019 series, certainly a year which marked the return of some big guns in the genre. There was a fair amount of originality and nuance too in a genre that can be rather formulaic and lacking in diversity at times (and […]

Kazuya Nagaya Shares Opener From Dream Interpretation

Tokyo multi-disciplinary artist, percussionist and ambient producer Kazuya Nagaya has shared the vividly reflective opener ‘Thanatos’, from his forthcoming album Dream Interpretation. Named after the mythological Greek god of death, albeit apparently of the painless type, it seems to fit with  album’s thematically transcendental nature and Nagaya’s Zen Buddhist belief in unlocking the unconscious mind. […]

Best of 2019 Series: Techno (151-300) – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

Here is the second instalment of our best Techno tracks for 2019. Enjoy! The first 150 tracks and our best 30 for the year including a write up on our best Techno track can be found here. 

Best of 2019 Series: Techno (001-150) – An Indie30 Playlist on Spotify

It’s a process that’s taken an eternity to carry out due to the sheer depth and breadth of quality releases in techno last year, but we’ve finally put together what we believe are the best techno tracks out of the 1200+ included in our New Techno Playlist during the year. We have divided them into […]