Anna Cordell Shares Searchingly Intimate Third Single From Forthcoming LP, Nobody Knows Us

Next month will see Melbourne artist Anna Cordell release her long awaited and much anticipated debut album Nobody Knows Us. Having shared its first two singles, the subtle drama of ‘You’ and the spiritual title track late last year, she now shares the earnest and vexed third, ‘Tried So Hard’. Musically, a delicate underlying drift carries […]

Record Review: Oma Mata (POR) – Everything EP (Diskotexas)

Enigmatic Portuguese electronic producer Oma Nata moves into minimal and downtempo jazz infused deep house territory on Everything, his stylish and finely calibrated new three track EP for Lisbon label Discotexas. With its depth of gravity and ready atmosphere, its a cohesive and confident affair and an impressive follow up to the adventurous and brief […]

Nadia Reid Shares Harrowing Yet Uplifting New Single ‘Get The Devil Out’

Dunedin singer-songwriter Nadia Reid continues to add to her place in the annals of folk music greatness with the release of the flawless second single, ‘Get The Devil Out’ from her forthcoming album Out of My Province. Characterised by the symbiotic relationship between Reid’s singularly immaculate voice and the pace and dynamic of her exquisitely […]

Sarah Harmer Shares Compact & Alluring New Single From Upcoming LP

Late last year Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer announced the impending February release of Are You Gone, her first album in ten years and shared its smart first single ‘New Low’. Last week she offered up the alluring and beguilingly effortless opener and second single ‘St Peter’s Bay’. An immediate and compact mix of folk and […]

Record Review: Elias (Ger) – Turning Point EP (Hayes Collective)

Berlin based techno producer Elias recently released his new extended player Turning Point via Lisbon’s Hayes Collective. It boasts six originals of purposeful dub infused techno that is, and at times simultaneously, compact and direct and expansive and nuanced. It’s a feat achieved through the German’s ability to not only establish and maintain the appropriate […]

La Furia Del Pueblo: International Techno Artists Rally in Solidarity with the People of Chile

“The rich and powerful are the ones who’ve thrown the first stone. They discriminate against us, despise us, leave us without education and healthcare. That’s much more violent than destroying a bus, throwing stones or writing graffiti on a wall.” Chilean Youth to Al-Jazeera. In recent months millions of Chileans have taken to the streets […]

Tracks of 2019 Series: Techno – An End of Year Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

Today we present our final post of 2019 to highlight the final playlist in our Tracks of 2019 Series. Out of the seven new music playlists on Spotify, Indie30’s most prolific by a long way during the year was Techno, another year where the genre extended its boundaries that little bit further and arguably a […]

UPDATE: New Techno: An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

Tbilisi dark techno pair Greenbeam & Leon get our last New Techno Playlist update for 2019 underway with the menacing ‘Disobedience’, off their new EP The Haze of Dust on ATT Series. It’s an appropriately apocalyptic statement to open a techno based playlist and mark the end of what has been morally and ethically, another […]

Tracks of 2019 Series: House – An End of Year Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

The year is over and Indie30’s Tracks of 2019 Series: House Playlist is complete. Just a handful short of 1,000 tracks, it boasts every track featured in the New House Playlist during the year plus some quality bonus cuts missed along the way come year end. There’s an incredible array of quality House from right […]

UPDATE: New House – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

This article and the music described therein has been slightly altered twice from its original incarnation. See below. Today, sees our New House Playlist get the penultimate makeover for the year with Techno only to come. It’s quite a makeover as we’ve turned over every one of its 30 tracks to squeeze in every bit […]

Tracks of 2019 Series: Post Punk D&C Wave Shoegaze Post Rock – An End of Year Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

2019 has been a stupendously good year for genres associated with independent music’s more darker and introspective side as the quality we’ve been able to feature in our New Post Punk/ Darkwave/ Coldwave/ Shoegaze/ Post Rock Playlist on Spotify attests. Yesterday we shared its final update with you which now means that all 921 tracks […]

UPDATE: New Post Punk D&C Wave Shoegaze Post Rock – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

We end 2019 and our New Post Punk (D&C) Wave Shoegaze Post Rock Playlist on Spotify on both an instructive high and a bit of a bonus in the form of 10 extra tracks to add to the usual 30. There was a few tracks back in October and November that we missed so we […]

Tracks of 2019 Series: Experimental & Electronic – An End of Year Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

A great deal of thought goes into our playlists generally and this playlist, our New Experimental & Electronic Independent Music Playlist on Spotify, due to its essence and artistic nature definitely provoked and demanded the most attention of all seven this year The playlist featured 861 tracks throughout 2019, a treasure trove of immense musical […]

UPDATE: New Experimental & Electronic – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

The creations that emanate from the myriad of musical minds that span the wide expanses of experimental music and the electronic music world of the non-techno and house variety never cease to amaze in where they will not go to stretch and confound convention and this final update of our New Experimental & Electronic Playlist […]

Tracks of 2019 Series: Electronic Pop – An End of Year Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

If you’re into your genres that coalesce around the broad term Electronic Pop — synthpop, downtempo pop, independent R&B, Balearic, chillwave, lounge, soft rock, nu-disco, neo-funk, neo soul + beats and hip-hop influences — and want to hear the best that 2019 had to offer, the 900 or so fine musical exhibits we’ve playlisted during […]

UPDATE: New Electronic Pop – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

UPDATE: Just added the subtle and instructive ‘Right Track / Wrong Man’ by Christchurch pop quartet Yumi Zouma. The new single was released last week to coincide with the announcement that they have signed with US label Polyvinyl so expect new material next year Having dropped our final Pop/Rock and Folk/Country/Singer-Songwriter playlists on Spotify for […]