July 10 – Austin electronic quartet Thousand Foot Whale Claw released their amazing new album two weeks ago Black Hole Party and the title track and album opener ‘No Kingdom’ enter the playlist along with English left field electronic producer WEN and Dutch techno experimentalist Yaleesa Hall.

July 7 – Moscow electronic artist and producer Kate Shilonosova, aka Kate NV kicks off the latest batch of new tracks in our creative and eclectic electronic and experimental new music playlist. The delightfully surreal ‘YOU’, comes off her new album FOR, recorded DIY style in her apartment. The hypnotic shuffle of the cleverly written and arranged ‘Template’ follows from American electronic artist and producer Galcher Lustwerk  off his new album 200% Galcher. Look for this to feature prominently in our chart when we return to normal service in a week or so. The super unique voice of English artist Yazmin Lacey with the slightly off kilter soul of ‘Body Needs Healing’ is next from her new album When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees. The best track comes from Filipino born and Los Angeles based artist Mark Redito formerly Spazzkid returns with ‘Never Letting Go Of The Moment’ a tribute to his sister’s generosity and patience while he established himself as an artist. He is followed by ‘Planet B’, the closer from Beautiful You, the new album experimental ambient producer Khotin. The mood grows gradually more darker with another HTRK track as the Melbourne duo released their new double a sided single Drama yesterday. You’ve heard the superlative ‘Mentions’ in our Top 10, and the exploration into inadequacies continues on the flip in the form of the equally good ‘More To Enjoy’.

English producer Captain Over‘s thrilling ‘Clack Clack’ is next from his debut EP No One Ever Really Flies which ushers us into our more experimental grouping of tracks. He is complemented by alluring and otherworldly ‘The Selfix Job’ from Tokyo based French electronic artist Franck Collin, aka Fleck E.S.C who released his new EP Discrete Opinion yesterday, a work of busy precision.

The inexorable ‘Tunnel Stalker’ comes fromProvidence native and now New York/Berlin resident DJ Richard trades in techno’s dark arts and his new album Dies Irae Xerox is no departure in that sense. Rather its a doubling down on the darkness of Grind with the addition of hardcore and acid elements. Following is Berlin based Italian abstract techno producer Marco Shuttle who recently featured on the excellent compilation Flowers From The Ashes  of Italian electronic artists put out by fellow Italian Berliner Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts. Two weeks ago he released the atmospherically dark four track EP Tropicalia. The mesmerising opener ‘Aural Dawn’ is our pick from it. The dark portion of the playlist is complete with the addition of German electronic composer Prequel Tapes and the delicate drone based and static infused enveloper ‘Two Moons’.

Irish experimental producer J Colleran finishes off the 12 new tracks with the pastoral beauty of ‘Freesia II from his new album Gardenia.

Last weeks additions – July 1: Left Field artist and producer Alexis Georgopoulos, aka Arp starts with ‘Fluorescences’ from his brand new full length album Zebra. Afriqua (Adam Longman Parker) brings some disciplined elasticity forth on his acid house number ‘Noumenon’ from the EP Vice/Principal. Berlin based Israeli exile Mor Elian, having already released three EPs this year is the latest to feature on DJ Seinfeld’s DJ Kicks series with the track ‘Sci Si’. La Fraicheur, the project of French artist Perrine Sauviat, who is also currently living in Berlin has delivered her long awaited album Self Fulfilling Prophecy, a diverse affair illustrated by the fact that tracks from the album appear on three of our playlists currently. These folk are joined by Abby Echiverri (the spell check fucked us last week and made it Echiverria), the latest artist on NY label The Bunker and Hostage with Shawn Rydiman & Happy Axe.

This playlist is part of a genre based series of 30 track playlists we intend to share on the Spotify streaming platform. Tracks are roughly ordered by release date and will be replaced by new tracks we like as they become available. To change things up from time to time we may change tracks from the same artist and release. All playlists are regularly updated and limited to original tracks only.




Updated July 1, 2018