Glasser – Ring

True Panther

Buy from her EP of the same name. It first came to many people’s attention via a compilation offering from e-Music called Selected + Collected at the start of 2009. ‘Apply’ was one of the shining tracks, not bad considering the company it had, namely San Fran’s Girls and Michigan’s Salem, both going on to brighter things that year. Also not bad for a solo artist using GarageBand. ‘Home’, like many of the tracks showcases her ability for soaring, flexible vocals, as with ‘Glad’ which has a distinctive Asian influence, morphing into ‘Plane Temp’ without skipping a beat.’T’ is a tribute to her best friend and fellow artist Tauba Auerbach, whose acrylic and glass on panel work ‘Shatter III’ can be seen on the CD cover for Ring. ‘Tremel’ sitting halfway through the tracklist has a driving percussive edge and is one of the more urgent sounding tracks here, complete with false ending about thirty seconds before ‘Mirrorage’. “Can I trust in you, …” she sings on this track layered down with too many levels amongst it to keep track of. Bells, accordions, brass, strings, xylophone, piano and of course multiple vocal layering keep you immersed in the moment and wondering what is going to happen on the next track. 

Rings get more electro the further you venture into it, subtly, but the vocals are always the centrepiece. They are crystal clear and sharp as a knife. It must have been a real treat for producers Van Rivers and the ‘Subliminal Kid’ having the canvas to work with and add to. An artist always searching for new ideas and concepts, she had plans to build a ‘bifurcated’ pipe organ, with artist friend Auerbach. As she explains “it evolved from an idea of making something that’d be impossible to play without each other. The organ is gonna be split up into two keyboards- we’ll have every other key – and I’ll have the pumps for her side while she has the pumps for mine. We’re calling the project Auerglass, and we’re debuting it at her gallery”. 

Glasser has released a great deal of majestic work since her EP only two years ago, having moved from solo recordings with her laptop in a shoe store to producing a hypnotic, complex yet at times starkly simple LP that is a product of out times. It’s compelling, worth many listens, and a fluid artwork in itself to be appreciated as a whole.

Dave Roberts, November 9, 2010