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Buy going, and what we have in store over the next hour or so. Synthesised bells and keys give way to ‘Butterfly Effect’, showcasing an ever changing pitch line from Barlow’s bass. The essence is clear by this point of how the stripped back nature and darker, edgier feel of 5 set it apart from previous work, while retaining the qualities of the original debut. ‘Build A Fire’ has a great build up, cutting loose with electric guitar over the chorus, and is one of the heavier songs found on the album.

‘Wise Enough’ saunters through a soft percussion and string background, with layers of synths adding to the atmospheric nature of the track. ‘Existential Itch’ at just over two minutes is the shortest on the album featuring double bass with layers of those beautiful vocals. ‘Strong The Root’ is strong on percussion with an electro edge that builds up nicely with an almost industrial force. ‘Rounds’ highlights Rhode’s vocals, is heavy with reverb and soothes its way to a strong finale with drums joining in over the last chorus. ‘She Walks’ has that bass featured throughout as a standout feature. The time signature of Rhode’s voice fluctuates on this one, adding an other-worldliness vibe to the track. ‘Last Night In The Sky’ is an example of a new direction for Lamb’s sound, relying on larger than life vocals, percussion and guitar. And finally, the album closer, ‘The Spectacle’ featuring Damien Rice is an electro rock ballad with golden strings, piano, and of course amazing vocals. 

Like the second album they would have made with hindsight, 15 years after their debut, Lamb have returned to form with 5. Their solo work has helped create a new direction (this album is definitely of our time) but the formative echoes of Lamb’s ‘Lamb’ are all over it, in a way subsequent albums were lacking. There may be no ‘Gorecki’ on this one, but that’s the point.

– Dave Roberts, June 21, 2011


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Lamb (ENG)
From the album, ‘5’, Strata Music

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