On Your Own Love Again is the gorgeously brief new album by Los Angeles based singer songwriter Jessica Pratt, a deft combination of pop and folk that will have you floating for the entirety of its half hour timespan. Despite its sparse instrumentation, musically it’s a lush listen and one that belies the heart wrenching lyrics that Pratt delivers in nine tidy vignettes on relationships lost and never found. Her self titled debut released back in 2012 was an indication of her considerable talent and originality. On Your Own Love Again doesn’t so much build upon that record but departs from it. Jessica Pratt doesn’t like standing still artistically and certainly doesn’t like outstaying her welcome. A album of heart and brevity. Listen to the delicate and defiant first single ‘Back, Baby’ below and order the vinyl here through Drag City. Highly recommended.

1. Wrong Hand
2. Game That I Play
3. Strange Melody
4. Greycedes
5. Moon Dude
6. Jacquelyn in the Background
7. I’ve Got a Feeling
8. Back, Baby
9. On Your Own Love Again


Back, Baby

Jessica Pratt (USA)
From the album, On Your Own Love Again’, Drag City.

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