Montreal outfit Braids have announced an April release for their much anticipated third album, Deep In The Iris. Since the release of their outstanding debut Native Speaker back in 2011, the trio have been steadily developing their organic electronic sound. This comes to full maturation on what is perhaps their best track thus far, the brutally honest, ‘Miniskirt’, which is Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s very personal take on the objectification of women and the ever present potential and real acts of violence that women endure as a matter of course in our less than perfect western society. Many well-meaning men like to think we’ve come a long way in the recent past when it comes to the rights and position of women in western culture. Standell-Preston’s cutting lyrics remind all of us of just how far we all still have to go. Deep In The Iris is out on April 28 on two of Canada’s best independent labels, Arbutus and Flemish Eye. Pre-order here. The contender for our first chart number one of the year is below.


1. Letting Go
2. Taste
3. Blondie 
4. Happy When 
5. Miniskirt 
6. Getting Tired 
7. Sore Eyes 
8. Bunny Rose  
9. Warm Like Summer


Braids (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Deep In The Iris’, Arbutus/Flemish Eye.

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