Sydney and now London based duo Au.Ra are set to release their debut album, Jane’s Lament, and have just released the fourth cut from it, the atmospherically sparkling and psychedically multi-layered, ‘Talk Show’. Resting on a delay drenched three chord hook, a consistent off beat, washed out synths and laconic vocals, the single packs a great deal into its substantial six minute running time. Au.Ra. materialised through the coming together of Tom Crandles (Ghostwood) and Tim Jenkins (Parades) and the record gained its finishing touches from HTRK’s Nigel Yang. Jane’s Lament is out on March 3 through Felte Records. Get it on all formats including vinyl here.

1. Morning
2. Sun
3. Pyramid
4. You’re On My Mind
5. Juki
6. Spare the Thought
7. Talk Show
8. Ease
9. Width


Talk Show

Au.Ra (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Jane’s Lament’, Felte. Out March 3.

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