I must admit I was a little underwhelmed upon first hearing the latest album from Trento electronic trio Casa del Mirto. My initial reluctance stemmed from the fact that its so different from the band’s previous works but that, as it transpired, turned out to be its greatest asset. Still was released late last month and it wasn’t long before this gem of a record began yielding its sparkling secrets. I first came across the work of band leader Marco Ricci upon the release of the superb 1979 back in 2011 and have been keenly following his progress through albums, ‘The Nature’, ‘Love Inc.’ and his flourish of singles and EP’s since.
Among the most impressive aspects of Still, and there are many, is Ricci’s songwriting growth. The variety he and his two bandmates bring to bear is equally stunning. The child-like collaboration with L.A artist Avalon Omega, ‘Invisible’ is the ultimate of slow burners. It may be off-putting at first but with repeat listens it blooms. The hypnotic ballad like ‘Reflex’ oozes a sense of wonder while ‘Where You Stand’ will carefully launch you into the ether. We posted about first single ‘Pressure’ last year which is arguably closest to the swagger like 1979 sound.
The otherworldly ‘Last Blue Wind’ and the two speed ‘A Picture Of’ middles out the record nicely while the laconic and meticulously constructed ‘Butterfly’ and the seven minute “stomper” ‘What I See Inside Of Me’ serve to remind how diverse this work is. The title track closer serves to bring the whole set together with its understated piano sitting neatly underneath its swirling synth.
I implore you to spend some time with Ricci and friends (Luigi Segnana and Raffaele Ricci). There’s a real humility behind these tracks and true quality only ever reveals itself over time. Patience is indeed a virtue and should you elect to exercise it here, Casa del Mirto will reward you in spades.
James Stocker – February 20, 2015.


Casa del Mirto (ITA)
From the album, ‘Still’, Ghost Records.

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Invisible (feat. Avalon Omega)

Casa Del Mirto (ITA)
From the album, ‘Still’, Ghost Records.

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