Perth “Girl-Boy” duo GRRL PAL have just released the latest track, the minimal, noir like ‘Seeing Anything’ from their forthcoming self titled EP due out next month. It’s a departure of sorts in that it gives nods to space that can be hard to find on their previous tracks. Danny K and Jay Le Kat began their music story back in 2013 releasing their debut single ‘Amazon’ which was soon noticed by national broadcaster Triple J. They’ve since slow-released a number of other tracks, two of which were from a stay in the US recording with rapper/producer Parker Ighile. All will appear on said EP and you can listen to them all here. We must admit, yesterday was the first we’d heard of them until they got in touch and we’re glad they did. GRRL PAL is now firmly on the agenda and better still, they intend to release a song a month all through 2015. Let’s hope that’s not a Johnny Jewel type promise… ‘Seeing Anything’ is below.


Seeing Anything

From the forthcoming EP, ‘GRRL PAL’, Self Released.

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