Philadephia based singer/songwriter Katie Crutchfield releases her third record as Waxahatchee this week, the ethereal, yet earthy and unpretentiously diverse, Ivy Tripp. It’s the first long player from the fiercely independent DIY artist since 2013’s Cerulean Salt. Two tracks have surfaced from the album over the past three months, the Top 30 listed, ‘Air’ and the brief, but telling ‘Under A Rock’ below.

Ivy Tripp materialised in a small rented room in Holbrook, Long Island with producer, bandmate and one time partner Keith Spencer and is essentially her restlessly melancholic  take on the complete disconnect between the mainstream conventional and the independent DIY worlds. And there’s a sadness inherent in that take, a lament of sorts for, in her view, a mutual lack of understanding of expectations and assumptions.

The album is out this week on Merge in North America and Wichita elsewhere. Waxahatchee take the road for a three month long tour of North America, Europe and they’ll even be making it to Australia for two shows in July. We’ll catch them in Portland in May.

1. Breathless
2. Under a Rock
3. Poison
4. La Loose
5. Stale by Noon
6. The Dirt
7. Blue
8. Air
9. Less Than
10. Grey Hair
11. Summer Of Love
12. Half Moon
13. Bonfire

Under A Rock

Waxahatchee (USA)
From the album, ‘Ivy Tripp’, Merge/Wichita

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