Austin based dark wave electronic outfit BOAN have made quite an impression around here in the last few days. Since the announcement of their debut album, Mentiras, set for a June release through Holodeck Records, the electrifying swoon of the title track has been on incessant repeat since it hit my ear canals. Seeing them live in San Francisco with Marie Davidson last night, where they expertly pulled off the “difficult to do” track live, reinforced just how good it is and they are. It debuts at 8. Read more about BOAN in our previous post from last Sunday.

Portland’s Chromatics continue the slow build toward the release of their third album Dear Tommy with the gorgeously enveloping stomper, ‘In Films’. That’s in at 14.

Our Album Of The Week this week comes from Jana Hunter’s Lower Dens project. Escape From Evil is a stunning slow builder of a pop record. On first impressions, its a little innocuous and it took us a while here to appreciate its true strengths. After all, we should have known better really. Superficiality and Hunter have always been sworn enemies and the record’s understated timelessness will make a deep impression for a long while to come, for there are no weak tracks at all. ‘Ondine’ is the second single from it and enters at 18. Stream it below. 

The final new entry comes from Coeds with ‘Sensitive Boys’ who we featured last Saturday. That sneaks in at 30.

Big moves this week stemmed from The Japanese House, ‘Pools To Bathe In’ (12 to 4) and GRRL PAL, ‘Seeing Anything’ (15 to 9) while Finn Jaakko Eino Kalevi remains at Number 1 with the beautiful and sublime ‘Double Talk’.

The Top Ten list can be found to your right, the entire 30 tracks can be found in all their glorious detail here and our Top 30 player is to the top right streaming each and every track from newest to oldest entry. The great tunes continue folks!


18. Ondine

Lower Dens (USA)
From the album, ‘Escape From Evil’, Ribbon Music.


Lower Dens Official

Audio Stream