Perth electronic duo GRRL PAL have just released the kind of Grimes inspired track ‘Radar’ to coincide with the release of their new EP, Paradise. However, to say its simply an aping of that vibe would be a very lazy thought to convey indeed. And it’s basically down to Jay Le Kat’s unique and knowing vocal arrangements as well as Danny K’s strange little effects that take things in unique directions.

The EP is a multi-generic ride in an electronic sense, it features all the tracks that they have slow dripped over the past year or so. ‘Dare’ is a sugary pop inspired opener followed by the more contemplative title track, ‘Paradise’. ‘Night’ is a restless beast while the almost rock inspired title track ‘Amazon” follows thereafter. Readers of this blog know how much we are in love with our current Top 10 track, ‘Seeing Anything‘ while ‘Set Free’ is a dreamy closer that will remind of what’s to come from the talented duo.

Paradise is an perfectly understated debut in every sense of the word that only suggests an upward trajectory. Sometimes geographical isolation works for ya! All tracks are available as free downloads at their soundcloud link here. We will update as soon as we get word of how you can be monetarily generous and give it a purchase.


1. Dare

2. Paradise

3. Radar

4. Night

5. Amazon

6. Seeing Anything

7. Set Free



From the EP, ‘Paradise’, Self Released.

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