Next month Copenhagen quartet ONBC are set to release their long awaited debut long player, Crash, Burn & Cry. This is despite them having being around in various guises for over a decade. Stemming from the demise of a number of independent Danish pop bands over the past decade, Oliver North Boy Choir (that provides the abbreviated new moniker), The Boombox Hearts, epo-555, Private and Superheroes.

The current incarnation began with Mikkel Max (guitars), Camilla Florentz (bass/vocals) and Ivan Petersen (drums/percussion) being joined by Tanja Simonsen (vocals/synths) and the debut record reflects the various influences of all four members. While the music is of cinematically exquisite yet understated and somewhat fragile beauty, lyrically its an intellectually and emotionally bittersweet lament on the hypocrisy and churlishness of western life in all its dichotomies and regressiveness. How can some of us have it so good when what is done in our name, and indeed what we do ourselves on a political and personal level often leaves, in the words of the often used idiom, a great deal to be desired? We are sentient beings after all. But this is not an album to imbue depression, its honesty and integrity is to be celebrated.

This is no better illustrated than in the “to die for” first single, ‘White Trash’, an exceptional example of delectible musical melody, gorgeous vocal harmonies and deliberate laconic timing. Everything the heartfelt and brutally sincere lyrics are not. In our view, among the best tracks of 2015 so far. Other standout tracks, although there is no filler to be found, is the angular reverb drenched ‘Brothers’, the pensive, almost post-rock like ‘Copenhagen’ and the haunting and hypnotic opener, ‘The Railing’.

Crash, Burn & Cry is out on erstwhile long time Copenhagen label Crunchy Frog Records May 11. Pre-order the vinyl here. Highly recommended.


1. The Railing

2. White Trash

3. Call It What You Want

4. The Warehouse

5. Classic

6. One Of These Days Pt. 1

7. Brothers

8. Knocked Out

9. Copenhagen

10. One Of These Days Pt. 2



White Trash

From the forthcoming album, ‘Crash, Burn & Cry’, Crunchy Frog Records. Out May 11.

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