Probably one of the toughest weeks to order the chart ever. So much good independent stuff around from so many good people. Three new entries this week, all of whom we have featured over the past week, so no new tracks accompanying this post but big moves afoot. A huge debut from Copenhagen pop quartet ONBC who go straight into the Top 10 with the beguiling ‘White Trash’ at number seven. Miya Folick’s awesome new single, ‘I Got Drunk’ enters at 16 while just one place behind our album of the week artist American Wrestlers joins in with his new single, ‘Kelly’.

The Liza Anne track is the biggest mover this week just taking complete hold here right now. The perceptive self released ‘Take It Back’ from the Nashville singer songwriter rises from 22 to 8 while other big movers include Eternal Summers, whose track, ‘Together Or Alone’ just gets better with every listen (21 to 12).

Arguably the best track that Mayuko Hitosuyanagi’s Cuushe project has released (and there have been plenty of great ones), ‘Daze’, off her recently released Night Lines EP rises to three while the Austin duo BOAN hit number two with the perfect alienation that is ‘Mentiras’.

The meticulously layered modern masterpiece ‘Let It Happen’ from Tame Impala remains at number one and seriously, apart from Nick Cave and his various incarnations and coterie of musicians that have accompanied him over the years, and the gorgeous Go-Betweens and The Triffids, Australia has not produced a more important independent artist than Kevin Parker – ever! Yes, that’s a very subjective opinion but so what? We’ve included the abbreviated late night TV performance he and his talented assistants did recently below. Cannot wait for Currents to come out and seventh heaven awaits this little writer at Psychfest in Austin!

We profusely apologise for the inadvertent advertisment sitting there before the Tame Impala live performance video.

And we’ve also reposted the Liza Anne video too and an amazing live performance of the said track in Dallas.

All details of all 30 tracks in order here and they’re all streaming in the player top left!

And thanks to my beautiful partner in crime Dave Roberts who keeps designing the awesome graphics for our top 30 posts!


1. Let It Happen

Tame Impala (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Currents’, Modular. No release date.

Tame Impala Official


Live performance (edit version)


8. Take It Back

Liza Anne (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Two’, Self Released. Out on May 19.

Liza Anne Official

Liza Anne Facebook

Official Video

Live at Sofar, Dallas