An unsettling and dark video that is perfectly suited for their equally discomforting brand new single, ‘Four Steps From Home’ has just been released by Berlin based darkwave outfit Evvol. It departs in tempo from the equally uneasy, ‘No Love’ still sitting in our Top 30, and is a tour de force of sorts as the track and its visuals trace a hedonistic and tumultous journey of lust and desire where the hypnotic pulsating beats and synths set themselves up against lyrical yearnings of need. The debut album, Eternalism, from the Irish/Australian duo which will feature both tracks is out June 9 on Mad Dog & Love Records. 




1. I See You (I Am You)

2. Sola

3. Sirius A

4. Starcrossed

5. Your Love

6. No Love

7. Vega

8. Denouement

9. Four Steps From Home



Four Steps From Home

Evvol (IRE/AUS)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Eternalism’, Mad Dog & Love Records. Out on June 8.

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