We know Dutch singer/songwriter and multi-intrumentalist Jacco Gardner wears his influences firmly and lovingly on his sleeve but seriously if you can’t notice, hear and feel the individuality and idiosyncrasies he brings to his latest release, Hypnophobia, and you dismiss it out of hand as a facsimile of another time, you’ll be missing out on ten special tracks that are lovingly crafted like distant homages of respect but positively sparkle with exceptional instances of modernity. The talented yet humble Gardner plays everything on the album bar drums and is expertly complemented by Nic Niggebrugge on eight tracks and by long time collaborator Jans Van Tol (‘Find Yourself’ & ‘Outside Forever’) Their stick work is absolutely pivotal.

This sounds like a 21st century release and is actually less psychedelic, more spatial, electronic and instrumental than his debut Cabinet Of Curiosities’. Spot first single ‘Find Yourself’ (still in our Top 30), the disciplined eight minute space like wonder that nicely centres the record, ‘Before The Dawn’ and the beguiling vortex like second single and title track and we should need not say anymore. Stream that title track below and if you get it like we do grab your vinyl copy of Hypnophobia right here.




Jacco Gardner (NET)
From the album, ‘Hypnophobia’, Excelsior/Polyvinyl/Full Time Hobby

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