This is a really simple post. Anything that anybody from Real Estate does is just gorgeous – they just cannot fail with us. This new track, even the silly named ‘Headbanging In The Mirror’ by Matt Mondanile’s Ducktails project is the latest gem to surface. His new album, St. Catherine, is out July 24th. Apart from the fact the album snares the help of Julia Holter, James Ferraro (on this track) and the late Elliot Smith’s XO producer Rob Schnapf, there’s no more to be said really.


1. The Disney Afternoon

2. Headbanging In The Mirror

3. Into The Sky

4. Heaven’s Room

5. St. Catherine

6. The Laughing Woman

7. Surreal Exposure

8. Church

9. Medieval

10. Krumme Lanke

11. Reprise



Headbanging In The Mirror

Ducktails (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘St. Catherine’, Domino. Out on July 24.

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