Nashville based singer/songwriter Liza Anne Odachowski released her exquisitely beautiful and personal second album this week, simply named Two. It quickly follows up her debut album from last year, The Colder Months and sees just seven tracks, all of which rest of precision and delicate arrangements, no waste, no wallowing in self-indulgence here. Liza Anne and her backing band aim for immediacy and connection and although each track is clearly deeply personal in a writing sense, their accessibility and virtuosity are readily clear. The accompanying guitar work by Julian Dente (YØUTH), Alex Edwards and producer Zachary Dyke is pivotal as are the harmonies in the back up vocals from Sam Pinkerton, Molly Bush and Molly Parden, not to mention to the intricacies of her percussion and rhythm section (Jason Kollar and Dyke).

Those of you familiar with this site will have already familiarised yourselves with the gorgeous vibes of ‘Take It Back’, currently number two in our Top 30 chart. To think the album rests on that would be misleading however, as in totality its a diverse affair with that example of pop gold mixed with tracks of quiet and deep introspection, bookended by the banjo based atmospheric opener, ‘Lost’ and closed by the spartan like piano laden long distance ode, ‘Ocean’ (listen below). ‘Low Tide’ is the perfect accompaniment to ‘Take It Back’ and both illustrate her ear for an infectious tune. ‘Room’ positively glides by while the melancholic darkness that envelops ‘Overnight’ illustrates the diversity on display. You would be hard pressed not to be deeply affected by this all too brief album. Two is self released and out now. Highly recommended.

James Stocker – 23 May, 2015.



Liza Anne (USA)
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