Toronto based trio Tearjerker, who graced our Top 100 chart of 2014 at the esteemed position of number 3 with the gigantic, ‘You Can‘ off their EP, Hiding, are set to drop another killer track, the first single from their forthcoming new long player, Stay Wild. Titled ‘Obviously Wrong’, it follows the band’s penchant for constructing delicate and meticulous arrangements and creating a certain atmosphere of feeling through loops around a one simple hook that embeds itself you with consumate ease. In true Tearjerker style, the album, like their previous two and last year’s EP has been done in true DIY fashion, home recorded, mixed and produced, self designed and handcrafted. They will be self releasing the record as well.

Taylor Shute explained the process involved in the songwriting and recording, “We spent a lot of time getting everything right with this record. From a hanging note at the end of a song, to a barely audible sample in a breakdown in the middle of a track, we tried to make a record that will reward repeated listens’. ‘Obviously Wrong’ is the perfect example of that.

Stay Wild is out July 17. The single is below. Enjoy it envelop you.


Obviously Wrong

Tearjerker (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Stay Wild’, Self Released.

Tearjerker Official

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