Illinois native and Toronto based experimental pop artist Meg Remy, aka US Girls, last week announced the release of her new album Half Free, set for September 25. The announcement coincides with a new single, ‘Woman’s Work’ to follow up the excellent ‘Damn That Valley’ from earlier this year. While Remy’s rough and messy DIY edges have undergone transformation in her new work, the new single continues her penchant for producing sonic work of emotive intensity and lyrics that address pertinent social and individual issues in challenging ways. Long time fans may rue Remy’s clean up, but careful listen’s reveal a natural continuation of an defiant aesthetic that’s always been there. Watch the Remy directed video for ‘Woman’s Work’ below.



Woman’s Work

US Girls (USA/CAN)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Half Free’, 4AD. Out September 25.

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