While there was some buzz around her excellent 2014 single, ‘Falling 4 U’, the lack of coverage across the independent blogging world around Devyn Rose, the stage name of Haitian born and US raised independent pop and hip-hop artist Tanya Dormevil is puzzling. Perhaps its her determination to self release her work, perhaps its the cross-over potential into the pop and commercial realm that her music generates minus her predilection for explicit lyrics, perhaps its something unmentionable (black, female and outspoken without powerful men behind her???). No matter for us however, as news of a new EP, Stellar, prompts this post. The title track pulls no punches and like ‘Falling 4 U’, combines cleverly arranged vocal dexterity with those aforementioned hip hop elements and in this case, some really dark, cold overtones. Listen below. It’s her effortless crossover ability and determination to tackle issues in a frank, ‘in your face’ way that makes it so good. The self released EP contains five tracks and is available now here.



Devyn Rose (HAI/USA)
From the EP, ‘Stellar’, Self Released.

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