Austin electronic synthwave duo Flatliner are set to drop their debut EP Black Medicine, a triumph of the coming together of the futuristic and the retrospective aspects of electronic music, both in a sonic and equipment sense. Jesse Strait and Adam Fangsrud are tragics when it comes to their painstaking experimentation with and utilisation of a multitude of electronic hardware, from different models of synthesisers of the digital and analog variety to sequencers, effects processors and drum machines to transmit their formidable musical chops into works of dark electronic art. While its taken five long years for the Flatliner project to come to full fruition, largely due to the duo refusing to accept mediocrity, being unwilling to compromise on their hard wired principles and an ear for miniscule detail, the fully rounded results are clear to see. If the immediacy, tension and sense of foreboding that is ‘Blasted Highway’, the prophetic thumper that opens the EP isn’t enough to get you excited, then you’re not a fan of electronic music. Stream it below. The other three tracks are just as impressive, the languid ‘PC Corporation’ saunters along exuding celestial like qualities, ‘City Lights Receding’ sports warm synth washes, primitive like interludes and stunning use of arpeggio and ‘Scrap Heap’ conjures up the urban night in all its seedy glory. Black Medicine is out through the ever growing, ever impressive Holodeck Records on July 28. Pre order it on vinyl here. Limited to 300.


Blasted Highway

Flatliner (USA)
From the forthcoming EP, ‘Black Medicine’, Holodeck. Out July 28.

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