Nashville collective Iylas have released a new single, ’Sensual People’ last week. It will feature on their second album later in the year called Warm Harm, the first since 2006’s Lessons For Lovers. The coterie of players, nine of them to be exact, are centred around the songwriting and musings of Kyle Hamlett who uses the Lylas project to drive his ambient tendencies. It gathers up members of Lambchop (Ryan Norris & Scott Martin), Stone Jack Jones, Coupler, Natural Child and The Features. ‘Sensual People’ is an understated and hypnotic track ushered along by a disciplined beat, two simple repeating chords and interchanging vocals shared between Hamlett, Kelli Shay Hix and Amy Blackburn-Simon. Check it out below.


Sensual People

Iylas (USA)
From the single, ‘Sensual People’, Self Released.

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