Photo: David Uzzardi

L.A. electronic pop duo Pr0files have always had a penchant for the nocturnal, their two previously released singles and the excellent Luxury EP veering towards the reflective early hours of the morning. Their new track, rather than sound like the time at the club is over, is spent definitively at the club. While there has always been a wistful element present, ‘I Know You Still Care’ is more definite and indeed defiant as it pivots confidently lyrically and saunters along in up tempo and rather flashy style musically. And the night is still very much front and centre. ‘I Know You Still Care’ will appear on their forthcoming debut full length, Jurassic Technologie, which will drop in October. 


I Know You Still Care

Pr0files (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Jurassic Techonologie’, Straight A Records. Out in October

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