Brooklyn based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Amy Bezunartea is set to release her first album in five years. Titled New Villain, it serves as a reminder of the intellectual talent musically and lyrically she possesses but is also an indication of just how hard it for that talent cut through, not only in the sense of how much is around but just how difficult is to live and produce art. If you missed 2010’s Restaurants And Bars, you wouldn’t be alone as this writer did too. That title is telling as it chronicles her life spent in America’s precarious service industry and serves as a reminder that only a lucky few can make their living off their art without having to work at shitty jobs to get by. New Villain has been two years in the making and Bezunartea has been honing the ten spartan tracks with co-producer Tom Beaujour, a guitar, piano, harmonica and the occasional dose of percussion. It serves to leave her delicate yet forthright voice and telling lyrics front and centre. The title track reflects that in spades as Bezunartea rails casually yet defiantly and ascerbically against constructed social barriers and individual self-denial. New Villain is out September 25 on Kiam Records.





1. Call On Me

2. Oh The Things A Girl Must Do

3. Nothing Goes Away

4. New Villain

5. Wild Thing

6. It’s Disgusting

7. Something To Show You

8. Those People

9. Friends Again

10. Wreckage



New Villain

Amy Bezunartea (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘New Villain’, Kiam Records. Out Sept 25.

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