Prominent and arguably seminal Atlanta pop/rock outfit Deerhunter are set to return with a new album, Fading Frontiers, their seventh full length. Over the weekend, frontman Bradford Cox hosted a two hour surprise radio show in his hometown during which he played the album’s first single and announced its release date. Like all of Deerhunter’s work, the initial worth of the groove laden ‘Snakeskin’ is deceptively derivative, before over several listens, it inevitably takes on a mind of its own. Fading Frontiers is the first release since Monomania and Cox’s car accident in December 2014 and also features the track, ‘Breaker’ a vocal “duet” between Cox and guitarist Lockett Pundt, a first for the band. Watch the video for ‘Snakeskin’ below. The album is out October 16 on 4AD.



1. All The Same

2. Living My Life

3. Breaker

4. Duplex Planet (feat. Tim Gane)

5. Take Care (feat. James Cargill)

6. Leather And Wood

7. Snakeskin (feat Zumi Rosow)

8. Ad Astra

9. Carrion




Deerhunter (USA)
From the forthcoming album, Fading Frontiers’, 4AD.

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