Adelaide minimalist post punk trio Terrible Truths are set to release their debut album this October and have just shared the first cut from it, the two minute spiky and attitude filled, ‘The Coast Is Clear’. The Rani Rose and Stacey Wilson led band released a now out of print EP a few years back and then had a single, ‘Lift Weights’ released on American label Mexican Summer back in 2012. Apart from a split with Melbourne band Hissy Miyake their releases have been few and far between. This self titled debut changes all that. And yep, guess what, they’re on Bedroom Suck, the independent Brisbane label, who are going to land the 2015 winning trifecta as a result, being the home of the soon to be released, Illegals In Heaven from Blank Realm and Totally Mild’s Down Time. Terrible Truths is out on October 9. Pre-order it here.


The Coast Is Clear

Terrible Truths (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Terrible Truths’, Bedroom Suck.

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