Toronto artist and producer Maya Postepski is set to deliver her second full length record, Progress, under her Princess Century moniker. It follows hot on the heels of her Lossy EP from earlier this year, which featured the 20 plus minute monster track, ‘Discoset’. Progress is a synth driven work of contrast from start to finish and is packed with multifarious elements that take the listener to subterranean depths and celestial heights almost simultaneously. Postepski is clearly fascinated with repetitive rhythms and motorik driven psychedelia and seems determined to gift the listener the opportunity to accompany her on a trip of musical simultaneity. It almost seems misleading to post the track most unlike the rest of the record but ‘Sunscreen’ is as much an example of Princess Century’s electronic experimentation as it is her pop accessibility. It’s accompanied by its video below. Progress is out October 15 on Paper Bag Records. Pre-order it on vinyl here.





1. Bros vs UFOs

2. Sunscream

3. Tokyo Hands

4. Sheughnessy

5. Sunrise 101/Last Disco

6. Rosé

7. Domestic

8. Fata Morgana

9. Metro




Princess Century (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Progress’, Paper Bag. Out on Oct 15.

Princess Century Official

Audio Stream

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