Idiosyncratic Rotterdam post punk outfit Rats On Rafts have just globally re-released their latest album, Tape Hiss, after quietly releasing it on Bandcamp back in April. Now in their 11th year, the quartet have produced something special with just their second full length, genre hopping with ease through the eight tracks. From the psychedelic opener ‘Sleep Little Child’, the noise punk of ‘Composition’ and ‘Rat Poison Face’ to the lo-fi musings of ‘Seaside Tape Hiss’ as well as the garage punk of ‘Powder Monkey’, Tape Hiss has it all. Listen to the album opener below and grab your copy on vinyl here.


1. Sleep Little Child
2. Composition
3. Powder Monkey
4. Rat Poison Face
5. Seaside Tape Hiss
6. Zebradelic
7. Last Day On Earth
8. 1-6-8 (Machine)

Sleep Little Child

Rats On Rafts (NET)
From the album, ‘Tape Hiss’, Kurious Recordings / Subroutine / Fire Records

Rats On Rafts Official

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