Back in September, Rayons, the project of Japanese instrumentalist and composer Masako Nakai released her debut album, The World Left Behind. She’s just released the latest exquisitely beautiful single from it, ‘Waxing Moon’ featuring the vocals of Miwako Shimizu aka Predawn. It comes accompanied by a cinematic video directed by Tao Tajima of night descending over the metropolis of Tokyo. A double delight!

In case you unfamiliar with Rayons, we’ve included two other tracks from the record below. Out through one of our favourite Japanese labels Flau Records, also home to Noah. Buy it here.


1. Playground For Birds
2. Frozen Forest
3. Dancing Under The Filtered Sun
4. Waxing Moon
5. From Paradise Past
6. Can’t See Through The Fog
7. It Was You
8. Impression
9. Immortal Island
10 Atarashii Hito (a letter from nowhere)


Waxing Moon

Rayons (JAP)
From the album, ‘The World Left Behind’, Flau.

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Official Video