1. Big Black Coat

Junior Boys (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Big Black Coat’, City Slang. Out Feb 5, 2016.

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2. Flesh Without Blood

Grimes (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Art Angels’, 4AD. Out Nov 6.

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Official Video


3. How Do You Do It

Empress Of (USA)
From the album, ‘Me’, Terrible Records.

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4. Happyness

Molly Nilsson (SWE)
From the album, ‘Zenith’, Dark Skies Association/Night School Records.

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5. Anything

From the single, ‘Anything’, Arbutus Records.

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6. Sandra’s Smile

Blood Orange (USA)
From the single, ‘Sandra’s Smile’, Domino.

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7. Nice Night

Mass Gothic (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Mass Gothic’, Sub Pop. Out February 5, 2016.

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8. You Never Knew

Negative Gemini (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Body Work’, 100% Electronica. Out 2016

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9. All Clear

Aidan Knight (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Each Other’, Adventure Boys Club. Out 2016.

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10. Heathering

Your Friend (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Gumption’, Domino. Out Jan 29, 2016.

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11. Fix

Hazel English (AUS/USA)
From the single, ‘Fix’, Self Released

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12. Ordinary Pleasure

Port St. Willow (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Syncope’, People Teeth. Out Nov 20.

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13. Follow Me Home

Francis (SWE)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Marathon’, Strangers Candy. Out Feb 5, 2016.

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14. Hedre

Groeni (NZL)
From the EP, ‘Hinde’, Self Released.

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Official Video

15. Downtown

Majical Cloudz (CAN)
From the album, ‘Are You Alone’, Matador.

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16. To Know You

Wild Nothing (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Life Of Pause’, Captured Tracks. Out Feb 19, 2016.


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Official Video (with ‘T.V. Queen’)


17. No One Wants It To Happen To You

Small Black (USA)
From the album, ‘Best Blues’, Jagjaguwar.

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18. Breaker

Deerhunter (USA)
From the album, Fading Frontiers’, 4AD.

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19. Abalone

From the single, ‘Abalone’, Self Released.


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20. Dream Shake

Memoryhouse (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Soft Hate’, Self Released. Out Jan 2016.

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21. Turkeys

Long Beard (USA)
From the album, ‘Sleepwalker’, Team Love.

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22. Waxing Moon

Rayons (JAP)
From the album, ‘The World Left Behind’, Flau.

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23. Boyfriend

The Goon Sax (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Up To Anything’, Chapter Music. Out in 2016.


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24. The Answer

Savages (ENG)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Adore Life’, Matador. Out Jan 22, 2016.

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25. It Comes Slow

From the single, ‘It Comes Slow’, Self Released.

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26. Bad Blood

Nao (ENG)
From the single, ‘Bad Blood’, Little Tokyo Recordings

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27. Pony

Charlie Hilton (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Palana’, Captured Tracks. Out Jan 22.

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28. Young

Frankie Cosmos (USA)
From the EP, ‘To Fit In’, Bayonet Records.


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29. Elegy To The Void

Beach House (USA)
From the album, ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’, Sub Pop/Bella Union.

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30. Leaving The City

Joanna Newsom (USA)
From the album, ‘Divers’, Drag City.

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