After releasing music under his own name over the past three years, Chicago based experimental producer and musician Spencer Radcliffe has just dropped a new record under his lo-fi loop laden Blithe Field moniker. Face Always Toward The Sun is the first since the excellent Warm Blood released back in 2012. It also comes just months after his last release under his own name, Looking In, which we sadly overlooked here.

On Face… Blithe Field has again created an aquatic, yet sun-soaked like journey full of carefully created loops from all quarters topped off by ephemeral soundscapes that crackle from within and without. Substantive tracks like the gorgeous ‘Milkshakes In The Rain’ and the pensive ‘Secret Soda Machine as well as well as the twin 10 minute tracks, the pastoral  ‘BKMDMA’ and the delicate crackle of ‘Bottoming Out’ are interspersed with 12 integral contributions that last between 1 and 2 minutes, providing for a work that is exactly the sum of all its parts.

Listen to our selected track, the aforementioned ‘Milkshakes In The Rain’ and watch the Brendan Zwieg directed video for the fuzzed out ‘Jimbo’ below. Grab the album digitally for a NYP arrangement here and on limited edition cassette here.


  1. Zen Den
  2. Sleeping Bags in a Row
  3. Outside the Den
  4. Testing the Waters
  5. Milkshakes in the Rain
  6. In The Tunnels
  7. Scaling Alden at Night
  8. Morgan
  9. Secret Soda Machine
  10. Jimbo
  11. Everything Speeds Up
  12. BKMDMA
  13. Paul’s Birthday
  14. Bottoming Out
  15. Chia Seeds & Apple Juice
  16. Ashleigh & AJ’s Attic
  17. Finally Understanding
  18. Endless Days at Strouds
  19. Moving Out


Milkshakes in the Rain

Blithe Field (USA)
From the album, ‘Face Always Toward The Sun’, Orchid Tapes.

Audio Stream

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Blithe Field (USA)
From the album, ‘Face Always Toward The Sun’, Orchid Tapes.

Official Video