Late January saw the release of Kansas City artist Taryn Miller’s new album under her Your Friend guise, the aptly titled Gumption. First single ‘Heathering’ made our Top 100 list of last year and we’re pleased to say the rest of the record lives up to that quality. Subtlety and canny yet meaningful songwriting abound across the eight tracks, texture and atmosphere being her modus operandi. An album of two halves, the first being more outward looking and immediate in its scope, the latter unfurls as if its channeling Miller’s various dream states with its quiet, meditative feel.  Cerebral pop at its understated finest. The second single, ‘Come Back From It’ was released complete with video two weeks previous to the album and you can view that below along with the aforementioned ‘Heathering’. Gumption is out now through Domino. Buy here.


1. Heathering
2. Come Back From It
3. To Live With
4. Desired Things
5. Nothing Moved
6. Gumption
7. I Turned In
8. Who Will I Be In The Morning?


Come Back From It

Your Friend (USA)
From the album, ‘Gumption’, Domino.

Your Friend Official

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Your Friend (USA)
From the album, ‘Gumption’, Domino.

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