Copenhagen artist Jacob Faurholt has stepped out from behind his Crystal Shipsss alias to release a new solo album, his sixth, Super Glue. Having released the doom and noise laden I Will See No Moon, No Sky in the middle of last year, true to form Faurholt is not one to stay still for long, nor one to dwell on one approach or another, although the darkness that encapsulated that record can be found in parts on this. Super Glue sees Faurholt teaming up with Brian Batz (Sleep Party People) to document his immediate feelings at the end of the long term relationship. At once melancholic and hopeful, Super Glue both in its atmospherics and melodies pays homage to memory but doesn’t wallow. That comes across with clarity on album opener, ‘Floating In Space’ and first single ‘Future Wife’, both of which can be sampled below, the former with its Claus Frolich directed video. Super Glue is out now on all formats through Danish independent label DME. Buy here.


1. Floating In Space
2. Super Glue
3. Guided By Voices
4. On Top
5. Holy Mother
6. Future Wife
7. Pictures Of You
8. Stars
9. Sad World
10. One Last Goodbye


Floating In Space

Jacob Faurholt (DEN)
From the album, ‘Super Glue’, DME.

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Future Wife

Jacob Faurholt (DEN)
From the album, ‘Super Glue’, DME.

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