Los Angeles pop/rock outfit Slow Talker released their debut album back on News Year Day right in amongst all the…um… new year’s festivities so you’ll forgive us for missing it – thanks to yvynyl for the heads up. Over the album’s ten tracks, the Leah Korbin led band constructs desirous melodies around often quite complex rhythms topped off by superbly inserted electronic effects, middle track ‘Never In My Hands’ a case in point. Having said that, first single ‘Mannequin’ is probably the most straight ahead track on the record. Sample that below and if you like what you hear, the whole record is available at their bandcamp for a generous NYP arrangement.


1. Need Melanie
2. Mannequin
3. My Only Memory
4. Frosted Cake
5. Never In My Hands
6. All These People
7. Basic Shapes
8. This Is For Me
9. Cut The Bad Out
10. Running Late



Slow Talker (USA)
From the album, ‘Slow Talker’, Self Released.

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