Brighton producer Leon Vynehall is set to release his new album Rojus in April and has just shared the first track, the organic ‘Kiburu’s’. It’s a perfect sonic exemplification of the album’s theme of using field sounds of mating birds to reflect nightclub courtship, for want of a better term. A DJ must see some amusing things on that floor in front of him/her and for Vynehall in his own words;

“A few days after returning home, I turned on to a National Geographic documentary named Designed To Dance, explaining the courtship rituals of birds of paradise. As I watched, I jokingly began drawing similarities between these birds’ attempts to captivate and impress the opposite sex with dance, and the way strangers try to attract one another in clubs and interact on the dance floor. This gave me the idea of creating a record of functional club music, sequenced as if it were a club night, from doors to closing, using samples of these birds of paradise and their habitat. Thus, ‘Rojus”.

Rojus is out on April 1 through Running Back.


1. Beyond This
2. Saxony
3. Beau Sovereign
4. Paradisea
5. Wahness
6. Blush
7. Kiburu’s
8. … There Is You



Leon Vynehall (ENG)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Rojus’, Running Back. Out Apr 1.

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