We first featured Luke Reed (Bent Shapes, Mini Dresses among others) last year with his delicately propelling track, ‘Pathetic’. Now the Somerville based everyman returns with an equally affecting track, the enchanting and dreamy  ‘Like Other People’. Despite its charming disposition, its subject matter couldn’t be further away from its sound. Reed has stated that anxiety lays at its heart, telling blog vanyaland;

‘The song’s about having a lot of anxiety in interacting with other people. Feeling like I have nothing to offer or even that my presence is a burden and that I’m constantly disappointing people. So I isolate myself. But being alone only intensifies those feelings and causes me to be even lonelier. It’s easier to be alone in a lot of ways. But I don’t want to be”

It’s a feeling that is all too common in today’s frenetic dog-eat-dog society. Check it out below.


Like Other People

Luke Reed (USA)
From the single, ‘Like Other People’, Self Released.

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