Sometimes record titles are most telling and sometimes they’re downright misleading. We can safely say that it’s definitely the former when it comes to the second album, Honest Tracks from Calgary singer-songwriter Kirsten Ludwig. Released today, it contains six touching tracks that alternate between Ludwig’s meticulous guitar and piano work, her vocal variance and accompanying electronic effects. And cue appropriately subtle assistance from Sam Weber and Hugh Mackie. The impressive aspect to her songwriting is how she manages to effortlessly generate a lush, fully formed sound around rather spartan arrangements. The space created is just beautiful.

Opener ‘December 10’ and its later twin ‘North Haven Drive’ conjure up the straightforward honesty of Jenny Hval in delivery, while the contemplative and effecting lead single ‘Cinnamon’ is a multi-sensory pleasure. The delicate piano laden ‘Untitled/404’ and ‘Suzy’ glide by wondrously while closer ‘Wings’, despite its quiet disposition is evocative and wide eyed. Honest Tracks is out today. Highly recommended. Listen to the exquisite ‘Cinnamon’ below and buy the album HERE.



Kirsten Ludwig (CAN)

From the album, ‘Honest Tracks’, Self Released.

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