Late last month, Los Angeles electronic artist Ronald Kaufman, aka KAUF announced the impending release of his long awaited debut album, Regrowth, set down for later this year. His KAUF project first came to our notice in 2011 with the self release of the excellent singles ‘Relocate’ and ‘When Your Out’. Two long years later, the tracks would eventually re-surface in remastered form along with the equally impressive ‘In Tow’ and ‘The Closest’ on his four track debut EP, As Much Again. The positive reaction to the EP, especially from fellow artists has led to many remixes and collaborations since its release.

The first cut to appear from the new record, the organic and quasi-tropical induced ‘Through The Yard’, heralds somewhat of a new direction for Kaufman, who opens up about it’s subject matter below

“The new track is a bit different for sure. (It) is about figuring out love and why you fall in love with someone – what qualities are vital. I’m not sure if a lot of people have this feeling, but with all of my previous relationships that haven’t worked out I always feel like I realize I was never truly in love with them. Just thought I was at the time…I’ve always been very glad I got out of the relationship once I’ve gotten a little distance from it. Do you think that’s pretty common?”

Indeed, exploring the fissures in relationships form the lyrical backbone for Regrowth, from personal ones to familial ones – a cautionary tale of what can occur if small cracks that appear are not deal with.

At this stage there’s no firm date for the release of the album but Kaufman tells us it will be self-released and that he’s in full control of how it will come out. ‘Through The Yard’ can be streamed below and you can grab it for a buck at his bandcamp. Look out for a Fort Romeau remix of the track to surface soon too.


Through The Yard

From the forthcoming album, ‘Regrowth’, Self Released. TBA.

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