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Two of our very favourite independent record labels Cascine and Labrador have teamed up to release the forthcoming LP, Amparo (Protection) from former Selebrities vocalist Maria Usbeck. Thematically, the album is about the Ecuadorian born Usbeck reconnecting with her mother tongue, the result of which sees her delivering the entire record in Spanish. Written over a three year period in places ranging from Quito, Barcelona, Lisbon and her home in Brooklyn, it’s range of utilised instruments (marimba, xylophone, quena flute, piano, and harp) reflects Usbeck’s cultural reconnection. The first single is the restrained, tropically infused ‘Moai Y Yo’ (Moai & I). Listen below and pre-order Amparo HERE. Release date is May 27.


1. Isla Mágica
2. Moai Y Yo
3. Llámame
4. Camino Desolado
5. Una De Tus Ojos
6. Ciudad Desunda
7. Playa Escondida
8. Lapizlazul
9. Jungle Inquieta
10. Tarántula


Moai Y Yo

Maria Usbeck (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Amparo’, Cascine/Labrador. Out May 27.

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