L.A’s Nite Jewel releases her much anticipated third album, Liquid Cool this coming June, her first since 2012’s One Second of Love. The first single is the cathartic ‘Boo Hoo’, which sees Ramona Gonzales perfectly capture the record’s theme of “aloneness in a crowded and disconnected world”.  After parting company with Secretly Canadian, Liquid Cool is a kind of rediscovery of mjusic identity and will be released on her own label Gloriette Records.


1. Nothing but Scenery
2. Was That a Sign
3. You Now
4. Kiss the Screen
5. Over the Weekend
6. Boo Hoo
7. I Mean It
8. Running Out Of Time
9. All My Life


Boo Hoo

Nite Jewel (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Liquid Cool’, Gloriette Records.

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