Given that we have pretty much featured everything they’ve released,  the fact that Yumi Zouma’s long awaited debut album Yoncalla is set to drop in May mighty good news. They’ve just shared the first single from it, ‘Keep It Close To Me’ and on the basis of its subtle strength, Yoncalla promises to continue their unique hook driven approach to producing blissful pop. Apart from last year’s stand alone single, ‘Right, Off The Bridge, the album is the first recording proper to feature Christie Simpson, who replaced the essential Kim Pflaum (Madeira) early last year. It’s also the first opportunity the quartet have had to record together rather than in the long distance manner that characterised the two EP’s. Yoncalla is out on Cascine (US/CAN/EUR), Arch Hill (NZL/AUS) & Rallye (JAP) on May 27.


1. Barricade (Matter Of Fact)
2. Text From Sweden
3. Keep It Close To Me
4. Haji Awali
5. Remember You At All
6. Yesterday
7. Better When I’m By Your Side
8. Short Truth
9. Hermisphere
10. Drachma


Keep It Close To Me

Youmi Zouma (NZL)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Yoncalla’, Cascine/Arch Hill/Rallye. Out May 27

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