After last year’s excellent single, ‘W.Y.L.’ (Want Your Love) #72 in our 2015 Top 100, we’ve been highly anticipating the news of a new album from L.A’s Kaplan sisters, Piper and Skylar, aka Puro Instinct. Well, we wait no more as they’ve just announced its release. The awesomely named Autodrama is set to drop June 24 and represents a response to the place they found themselves after releasing the amazing Headbangers In Ecstasy in 2011 where they felt somewhat manipulated. After all Skylar was just 15 then. It almost feels as if they’ve rejected all the directions they felt forced to take and have returned to the effortless pop fundamentals that made that album so wondrous. According to Piper;

“We want to change the rules of what pop wants from us. The sound is inspired by this whole rebirth of values in us, which is a result of us dying in 2011 and having to rebuild everything. Everyone was telling us what to do , we were really young, and we were trying to take it to extremes to please everyone else’ No more.”

The first single, ‘Tell Me’ is an understated stunner that sparkles with Skylar’s sparkling guitar work accompanying as it does an overall somnambulist like feel. And using love as a metaphor, Piper’s middle lyric is illustrative,

“Silver tongues where angels fear to tread; Spitting images of elegance with passion to confess; and its crazy, but only love like yours can save me; from being taken by lovers I don’t love”

Autodrama will be released on June 24 through the very busy Manifesto Records (Cellars, Pale Dian) and features contributions from Ariel Pink, Sam Mehram and Eric Gorman. The aforementioned ‘Want Your Love’ also features (not sure whether it’s been re-recorded since last year but in addition to ‘Tell Me’, the original is below. Highly anticipated here!


1. Panarchy
2. Peccavi
3. Tell Me
4. Six of Swords
5. What You See
6. Scorpio Rising
7. Babylon
8. End of an Era
9. Autodrama
10. Want Your Love


Tell Me

Puro Instinct (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Autodrama’, Manifesto. Out June 24.

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W.Y.L. (Want Your Love)

Puro Instinct (USA)
From the single, ‘W.Y.L.’, Self Released.

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