Experimental Sydney based producer Eli Murray, aka Gentleforce released his new album mid last month, the rather epic Refuge From The Great Sadness. The title reflects a meticulously curated escapism internally created from all consuming melancholy, his take on crushing depression and an uncertain recovery. It spans seven tracks with influences, genre (from doses of techno to ambient and drone ) and geographically wise, as varied as its track lengths (between two and twenty minutes). Recorded in Tokyo, London, Amsterdam and Sydney, it blends field recordings with a myriad of effects and cinematic soundscapes that alternate between the inwardly serene and an internal apocalypse. Listen to the ethereally emotive, ‘Dissolve Into Fire’ below.

The album is available at his bandcamp page for just seven Aussie dollars. Get it here.


Dissolve Into Fire

Gentleforce (AUS)
From the album, ‘Refuge From The Great Sadness’, Self Released.

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