California singer songwriter Emily Jane White is set to release her fifth long player later this month, They Moved In Shadow All Together. Recorded alternatively in San Francisco and across the bay in Oakland, it rests lyrically on the impact of traumatic events on collective and individual identity and takes on vital topics like the ongoing scourge of violence against women ‘Womankind’ and rampant racism and police brutality against African Americans ‘The Black Dove’.

Musically it reflects White’s penchant for traditionally arranged delicate work on guitar and piano and then surrounding these elements with powerful and hypnotic sounding percussive effects. It also represents her determination to lift the bar vocally. She studied classical singing while writing the record allowing it to become a more powerful instrument in not only her music but also in her songwriting. Listening to the album, your also able to hear the result White’s work in an echo chamber which gives each track scope and breadth. The first track to be shared from it is the exquisite, ‘Frozen Garden’, a cavernous and expansive affair which sees White’s ethereal vocals take on many different guises to lasting effect.

They Moved In Shadow All Together is out on French label Talitres in Europe on April 29 while the rest of the world will have to wait until June 10. Pre-order the record HERE.


1. Frozen Garden
2. Pallid Eyes
3. Hands
4. Nightmares On Repeat
5. Rupturing
6. Moulding
7. The Ledge
8. The Black Dove
9. Antechamber
10. Womankind
11. Behind The Glass


Frozen Garden

Emily Jane White (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘They Moved In Shadows All Together’, Talitres. Out Apr 29 (EUR) & June 10 (ROW).

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