Bologna based artist Emanuela Drei, aka Giungla is set to release her debut EP Camo next month. The first single ‘Sand’ is a rich tapestry of Drei’s emotive and intimate vocals and her reverb dripping guitar both sitting within a slow built wall of production. The other three tracks differ markedly from the contemplative ‘Sand’ with ‘Cold’, an upbeat banger characterised by minimalist distortion, ‘Wrong’ an inverted dance oriented number that never lets go and closer ‘Forest’ where Drei’s raucous guitar combines with a disciplined robotic beat.  Camo is out My 20 on Factory Flaws.

1. Cold
2. Wrong
3. Sand
4. Forest



Giungla (ITA)
From the forthcoming EP, ‘Camo’, Factory Flaws. Out May 20.

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