We fell completely in love with Amanda Mair’s excellent debut record released by Labrador Records back in 2012. It’s taken nearly four years but now she returns with the melancholic and timeless ‘Wednesday’. It marks an important step forward for the talented Swedish artist in that now she is writing her own music. Mair recently explained that the break basically served the purpose of learning and then honing her songwriting craft and the results of this new track are plain to see. She explains the track and video;

“With its different moods, the song is like travelling in time. A timeline that’s just one point. It’s as nothing has a taste and you can’t feel anything you touch. Absolutely nothing happens besides a concentrated globe that is about to explode. You want to escape but also stay. In the video, you can follow these moods, into my head and see what’s going on.”

Watch the Marcus Ronne shot video below and look out for this track to appear on a forthcoming EP.



Amanda Mair (SWE)
From the single, ‘Wednesday’, Border Music.

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