Three weeks ago Olympia singer songwriter Stephen Steinbrink announced the release date for his impending  eighth record, Anagrams. The soothing tone of first single, ‘Absent Mind’ takes up where he left off from his last record that we just loved here, Arranged Waves. Anagrams will be released through Melodic Records on June 1. Pre-order it HERE.


1. Absent Mind
2. Building Machines
3. Psychic Daydream
4. Impossible Hand
5. What Identity
6. Canopy
7. I’m Turning Inside Out
8. Dissociative Blues
9. Anagrams
10. Black Hole/We Don’t Say Anything
11. Shine A Light On Him
12. Next New Sun


Absent Mind

Stephen Steinbrink (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Anagrams’, Melodic Records. Out on June 1.

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