Melbourne’s Ciggie Witch have just dropped their casually defiant new single ‘Walking The Tracks’ from their forthcoming new record Classic Connection. Originally the project of The Ocean Party’s drummer/vocalist Zac Denton, he was soon joined on guitar and vocals for their debut full length Rock And Roll Juice by Mitch Clemens with Ashley Bundang from Totally Mild & Zone Out adding depth and texture on keys. Older brother Lachlan reversed the Denton roles from The Ocean Party and took on the drums and Joe Foley stepped in to provide some super nice lap steel work. Then there was the no small matter of the full time addition of ultra prolific and versatile fellow Ocean Party stalwart Liam Halliwell on bass. The man who moonlights as affable pop impresario Snowy Nasdaq also incidentally mixed this record.

‘Walking The Tracks’ seems to reflect and express a stifling and frustrating disposition that ultimately stems from the seemingly futile situation this generation finds itself in, much more so than the two before it. And that is the difficulty of trying to live life according to your own moral choices rather than having to filter them through the narrow cultural predilections of more powerful and by definition less moral figures. The album is out on June 3 on Lost & Lonesome and Osborne Again.


Walking The Tracks

Ciggie Witch (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Classic Connection’, Lost & Lonesome/Osborne Again. Out June 3.

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