Turku psych-pop quartet The New Tigers released their new EP last week, Vindication. There is a definitive nostalgic feel and more than a nod to psych rock on melodic opener, ‘Visions’ but what’s impressive in an overall sense over the four tracks is the myriad of intersecting genres that are easily traversed. While undoubtedly sporting a pop bent at all times, the sprawling psychedelic nature of ‘Chewing Gum’ and ‘Dissolution’ are reflected in their restless length and plethora of ideas. Vindication is out through Soliti. Grab it for just 3 euro HERE.


1. Visions
2. Chewing Gum
3. Polar Night
4. Dissolution



The New Tigers (FIN)
From the EP, ‘Vindication’, Soliti.

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